Hurting Hearts… Helping Hands

Throughout history in a seemingly endless span of time, people of faith have experienced the threat of imprisonment.  At times the threat of being “locked up” becomes reality.  For people of Jewish faith, incarceration can be even more impactful.  It’s with this in mind that Beth Tikvah JPO steps in and does it’s best to soften the impact which incarceration has on the person incarcerated and those left behind in the free world.

Some will say society’s judgement on the imprisoned and their families is harsher than the court’s sentence.  Beth Tikvah believes in and feels a deep responsibility to help the Jewish family through this incredibly trying time.  Assistance is provided by establishing a link or life-line of communication between the prisoner and the free world.  It is through this life-line, encouragement and resources can flow and establish hope and God’s love for all.

Beth Tikvah can not do all that is needed.  They need your help.  Please consider how you might help.  You can begin helping immediately by…



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