Jewish Prisoner Outreach

Beth Tikvah Jewish Prisoner Outreach

For the past 25 years, Trudy and Sid Kleiner have taken on a host of awesome tasks in a quest to render succor and support to the thousands of Jewish men and women who must, unfortunately, call a prison cell or dormitory their home away from home. The Kleiners have been recognized for their editorial, journalistic and publishing skills, but they are just as attentive and dedicated when it comes to keeping Beth Tikvah viable and solvent through cautious, conservative money-management. Through the years, Beth Tikvah has become respected and recognized for its unswerving and relentless advocacy efforts in behalf of Jewish offenders in the region. Hundreds of Jewish inmates have come to depend on Beth Tikvah for a wide variety of Judaic material as well as spiritual and advocacy support.

Trudy and Sid have served as pen pal coordinators, volunteer chaplains, video librarians, book and Judaica distributors, and website creators and maintainers. Further, they are treasured as a resource and advice center, rendering assistance to their fellow activists and advocates as well as to those who must live their lives behind the wire and walls. For over twenty years, they have visited countless prisons in the South and have made a positive difference in the lives of more confused and lost souls than they shall ever begin to count. Prison chaplains warmly welcome the duo into their facilities. It has been said that a visit with Trudy and Sid is like a bright ray of sunshine and hope to lonely, forgotten and overlooked Jewish prisoners.

Nearly twenty-two years into this challenging spiritual and life-changing adventure, the Kleiners have narrowed their outreach efforts so their mission is noteworthy, realizable and focused. Congregation Beth Tikvah Jewish Prisoner Outreach’s primary target is the several-hundred Jews in Florida who are housed in county, state and federal jails, prisons and treatment facilities. The organization is dedicated to reaching out to our lonely, forgotten and overlooked brethren, assuring them that they are “still in the Judaic family,” and we do care about them. Our track record proves that we have effectively built a spiritual bridge between those who are serving time and those who spend their time serving them. Our ongoing mission is to remain on the path we launched so many years ago. We dedicate ourselves to working in harmony with prison officials, chaplains, and other corrections personnel for the good of all concerned. While we surely do not possess all the answers, we remain on call to guide and steer chaplains and other staff members through the complexities that abound in the Jewish faith. Ours has been, is, and will continue to be a team approach to assist our wayward brethren in making a long-lasting and productive return to society.

Beth Tikvah literally means “house of hope.” While we share words and deeds of hope with those who have been isolated from their families and society, we hope you will join hands with us and make a positive difference in the lives of incarcerated Jewish men and women. We welcome your support, participation, comments, thoughts and observations. We gratefully thank you for all you have so graciously done in the past.

In peace, harmony, fellowship and brotherhood,

Trudy & Sid Kleiner